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Compensation Plan

Reasons why you should Join De-Greenhouse

This is a wonderful opportunity to join a revolutionized product network marketing Business


  • No flushing of point

  • No compulsory monthly top-up

  • No compulsory buying/ selling of products before you earn.

  • Pays weekly direct to your bank account

  • Awards Are Easily Achieved

  • Wonderful / effective products

  • No matching limit per day

  • Bonus on single direct leg

  • Faster growth because of spillovers

  • Leadership is easily achieved.

  • Is risk-free


Green Starter

Amount – ₦7,500 {$15}
You Earn 7.2PV

Green Builder

Amount – ₦25,000 {$50}
You Earn 25PV

BIZ Owner

Amount – ₦50,000 {$100}
You Earn 50PV

Green Executive

Amount – ₦150,000 {$300}
You Earn 150PV

Green VIP

Amount – ₦500,000 {$1000}
You Earn 500PV


  • Retail Bonus

  • Referral Bonus

  • Upgrade Bonus

  • Team Commission

  • Binary / LMC

  • Repurchase Bonus

  • Maintenance Bonus

  • Stockist Bonus

  • Rank and Awards

  • Leadership Bonus Pool

Retail Bonus

You earn up to 30% on each products

Referral Bonus

You earn 20% of the package any of your downline purchase. There is no roll up and no discrimination ie if starter introduced a VIP, he earns 20% of ₦500,000

Upgrade Bonus

Upgrade here is paying the difference between the former package and the new one. The upline earns 20% of the PV of the difference paid.

Team Commission

You earn Team Commission based on your package and up to 20 generation deep. Team Commission is on both registration and upgrade and also on spill overs.

* Starter – 1%
* Builder – 1.5%
* Owner -.  2.5%
* Executive – 2.5%
* VIP – 2.5%

I tell you the Team Commission makes this comp plan sweet because you can earn massively on one leg.

Leadership Matching Check

This is the binary pairing. You earn LMC also base on your package

Starter – 5% check match
Builder – 5%
Biz owner – 6%
Executive – 8%
Green VIP – 8%

Matching Check simply implies that whatever PV you have on both sides are added together and multiply by the percentage of your status.

For instance if you are a STARTER member and you refer two starters. You will have 7.2 right and left. So your LMC will be $(7.2 + 7.2) X 5% = $0.72

If you are a BIZ OWNER and you refer the same two starters instead of earning $0.72 you will earn:
$(7.2 + 7.2) X 6% = $0.864

But if you are Executive or VIP, the 14.4 will be multiplied by 8% and you will get $1.152

By implication whatever you get with LMC is the same if you use double of the percentage against the lesser leg. For instance the example above is the same like this:

Starter: 7.2 X 10% = $0.72
Biz owner: 7.2 X 12% = $0.864
Executive: 7.2 X 16% = $1.152

NOTE: No of Matching Daily
STARTER —– 10 times
BUILDER ——  15 times
OWNER  ——    50 times
EXECUTIVE —– 60 times
GREEN VIP —- 100 times


Repurchase Bonus is awesome here. You earn up to 60% of what you and your team up to 3rd generations purchased in this order:

YOU – 40% instant rebate on all your repurchase. For instance your purchase products worth 100PV you will get 40PV equivalent in Naira at your back office instantly.

1st Gen. – Your direct upline gets 10% of the PV in cash

2nd Gen. – your first indirect upline gets 5%

3rd Gen – your second indirect upline gets 5% in cash equivalents.

The sweet part of this is that even if you forget to purchase but three of your direct downlines repurchased you still earn 👋👋


This is also a repurchase but different from Repurchase Bonus, for you to qualify for this bonus you have to buy product of 8PV per month. You earn on your 1st generation to 15th generations. For instance if all your team could do in a given month is 4,000 PV imagine yourself getting 40% of 4,000 that’s 1600x ₦500 = ₦800,000. I tell you we will be making stupendous money here. This is fantastic!

NOTE: It is not a MUST to buy every month but you can monitor your potential earning at your dashboard and if you don’t do yours you forfeit the bonus for that month.

Secondly, this a monthly Earning.

PP: Encourage all your team members to buy at least products worth 8PV (₦6500) a month. If you are doing repurchase, let just 8PV of it goes into this maintenance bonus too.

(There is guaranteed of efficacy on all our products, surely the products will sell by itself)


There is a one-time 5% referral Bonus on any stockist you refer. The stockist earns 7% of his/her stocks monthly.



There is award attached to every rank in this company. Your rank immediately drop once you reach the point.

✅ BRONZE: Have 2000PV on your lesser leg and get Solar AC, laptop or $300 cash

✅ SILVER: 10,000PV on your lesser leg and get Trip, land or $2,000

✅ GOLD: 60,000PV on the lesser leg – 1st Car award worth $8000

✅ DIAMOND: 150,000 PV on the lesser leg – 2nd Car award worth $16,000

✅ GREEN DIAMOND: 600,000 PV on the lesser leg – House Award worth $80,000


This the bonus you keep getting as a non executive director of the company after you have maxed all the ranks. You earn 2% of the company’s global cumulative profits every three months. This apart from your normal earnings from the system. There is transparency here, that every one in this category can see from the back office, what he/she is earning.

Entry Level

Refer someone who bought products worth N7,500 and earn – N1,500

🤗Refer someone who bought products worth N25,000 and earn – N5,000

🤗Refer someone who bought products worth N50,000 and earn – N10,000

🤗💯Refer someone who bought products worth N150,000  and earn – N30,000

Refer someone who bought products worth N500,000 and earn – N100,000

* Matching etc is not included ooo🧏🏻‍♀️🧏🏻‍♀️🧏🏻‍♀️

Imagine You introducing 2 or 3 persons with N500,000 in a week. Likewise, other packages THINK 🤔🤔🤔🤔